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Airports and Airplanes: How to Travel with your Baby

Part 1: Prepping for the trip

You’re sitting in front of your computer about to purchase your flight tickets, and you see that little button in the drop down menu; “infant in lap”. Your excitement is quickly replaced with dread. How the hell are you going to do this? We just got in her into a bed time routine, she’s finally sleeping through the night, and we are about to subject her to a SIX hour time difference, and a twelve hour flight… We must be crazy…

Hawaii better be worth it

So as we prepare to take to the air with our 5 month old, I hope I can shed some light as to what we bought, brought, and didn’t need. So here I am again to talk about what works, what doesn’t, and what you might consider trying. So let’s start at the beginning.

The flight… (more…)

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